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ADVANCED ADVICE is a reliable EU grant raising partner with 14+ years of experience in Baltics' market. Our portfolio includes 200+ clients and 420+ projects with a total budget of over 720 million euros. We advise clients of various sizes and industries – from the largest multinationals and governmental bodies to disruptive startups and vocal NGO's. Our cozy office locates in the heart of the Vilnius – on the Gediminas av., right next to the Cathedral square.


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The 2nd law of thermodynamics describes why everything in the universe ultimately falls apart and disintegrates over time, increasing chaos. These unpleasant effects might be counteracted by the process of integration – bringing parts together into a harmonious unity.
As a People and Office Integration manager, you will be responsible for decreasing entropy, bringing order and harmony to our office. Your tasks will be organized around the first three layers of the famous Maslow's pyramid.
• Firstly, you will take care of the physical and virtual office environment to ensure it meets the basic needs of our colleagues and guests - cleanness, coziness, responsiveness, availability of resources, safety, etc.
• Secondly, you will maintain established office rules and traditions, ensure we are compliant with both formal and informal criteria of well-being, safety, etc.
• Thirdly, you will handle both incoming and outgoing information flows within corporate communication channels, such as phone, email, web, and social networks.
• Finally, you will engage in facilitating internal social integration through promoting tribal mentality, organizing events, implementing competency building and recreational initiatives, etc.
Generally, you will be reporting to the Head of Administration and Finance. However, on a project level, you might find yourself accountable to other colleagues or even managing others.

• High level of independence and personal responsibility.
• 1500 Euros/month gross salary.
• Bonuses tied to personal and team results.
• Motivational perks such as team events, free snacks, etc.
• A vibrant team of 20+ young professionals.
• Lovely office in the heart of Vilnius' Old Town.

Job offer valid till: 2020-02-23

We expect People and Office Integration manager:
• to have an outgoing personality,
• be proactive, honest and accountable,
• demonstrate common sense and business acumen,
• be an excellent problem solver.
People and Office Integration manager must also possess these skills:
• proficient verbal and written communication in English and Lithuanian,
• well-developed usage of IT tools, in particular, MS Word, MS Excel, MS SharePoint, CMS, CRM, etc.,
• demonstrated attention to details and critical thinking,
• excellent task and time management.

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